Back in 1972, when the first recorded video game competition took place, few could have predicted just how much things would change with how games are played competitively.

Gone are the days when players had to be physically in the same room, sharing a split screen on which the game would be displayed. These days, things are much easier thanks to the internet, and this has meant that people are now able to bet on the outcome of global tournaments.

What exactly are esports?

To put it simply, an esport is anything that can be played competitively. The rise of the internet has allowed a whole new level of multiplayer possibilities, and this is the case with many kinds of games, including shooter games, traditional sports such as football, and card or strategy games. All of these games have an incredible following, with many people now playing games professionally.

How do players earn money with games?

These days, if you play a video game that you’re really good at, you have a great chance of being able to make money from it.

Most gamers won’t be able to earn a huge amount of money, however for the select few, there is a living to be made. Earnings can come in many ways, including prize money for tournaments, sponsorship money, and earnings from platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, on which players can stream their gameplay to a live audience.

On Twitch particularly, followers can pay to subscribe and donate to their favourite streamer, with the highest earners earning millions each year. Popular streamers such as Ninja and SypherPK (who plays Fortnite via Twitch) and ThijsHS (who plays the competitive card game Hearthstone), have managed to make gaming their whole career, proving that gaming is definitely more than just a pastime.

Betting on esports

In many cases, if a situation has a choice of outcomes, you will be able to bet on it. Now, we are extending our betting range into the realms of esports, with betting sites such as Betolimp now offering their visitors the chance to bet on upcoming esports tournaments.

One of the best things about betting on this kind of platform is that many of the tournaments that you will bet on are available free to view online, which is a great advantage when compared to other sports.

In addition to this, engaging in games in this way can be a great way to bring multiple generations together, with many watching streamers as a nostalgic reminder of their own childhood and teenage years. One thing’s for sure – and that’s that it is definitely worth a flutter, as esports tournaments can be very exciting.

Nobody can tell exactly how big the esports phenomenon will become; however it seems fairly certain that the popularity will not wane any time in the near future. If you’re interested in taking a look at the tournaments, we take bets on, just click here and try having a watch of some esports – you might even be tempted to give it a go yourself!

[Image -Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash]
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