It’s a late week edition of the africast today, but we’re back again with a mix of some fun stuff to play, and some worrying stuff to… worry about.

First up is the fun task of killing Nazis. Yes the MachineGames series of Wolfenstein revivals has another entry in the co-op focused Youngblood. We’ve put several hours into the title recently and we’ll have a full review soon, but it’s been an overall enjoyable ride so far despite some problems.

Now for the not so fun stuff. A recent report outlined how much money an average data breach can cost. While the multi-million dollars may be nothing for the likes of tech giants in Silicon Valley, they can be disastrous for smaller companies and governmental arms.

Speaking of which: City Power was hit with a ransomware attack just this week. While it has recovered somewhat it’s still a massive problem that will probably cost the tax payer a lot of money on top of disrupting public service. Hopefully we all have electricity come this weekend.

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