At the weekend during the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 held in Berlin, Tencent Games made a rather interesting announcement.

Local players of PUBG Mobile will soon be getting a better online experience with the introduction of an African server.

“Last year we announced that we will introduce a Middle East server and this year, to ensure players from all over the world are well connected, we will be launching African servers,” general manager of global publishing at Tencent Games, Vincent Wang, said in a statement.

While we don’t know the exact date that servers will go live, Tencent Africa has said that they will be “go live before the end of the year”.

For players that might not have the beefiest smartphones, Tencent Games also announced a new version of the game in PUBG Mobile Lite.

“We made a Lite version because we want more players from around the world to enjoy PUBG MOBILE. The Lite version is compatible with significantly more devices and has a much smaller installation size,” Wang said.

This Lite version of the game will be available through Google Play later this month.

It also appears as if the African servers will be located in Southern Africa, but where exactly is unclear at this stage.

We’re sure the existence of an African server will drum up additional interest in PUBG Mobile and who knows, perhaps we’ll see an African PUBG Mobile star competing at PMCO 2020.