It’s time for our weekly Apple and or iPhone story, with this one focusing on 5G support for the smartphones. The firm recently confirmed that it will be buying Intel’s mobile modem business, and now noted industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has told MacRumors┬áthat Apple will have three 5G supporting iPhones arriving in 2020.

These three devices are also said to be the only ones that Apple reportedly plans to release for the year, which points to the firm fully embracing the new broadband standard next year.

Kuo also explains that Apple’s offerings will support the 2H20 functionality of 5G, which is a wider spectrum, compared to the sub-6GHz version that many Android phone makers will be using. To that end the 2020 5G iPhones will be more expensive that their Android competitors, as Apple will be betting that consumers will want access to a wider range of 5G networks and capabilities, according to the industry analyst.

As for more details on the devices themselves, Kuo says that a 5.4″ and 6.7″ iPhone is on the way, and will likely be the successor to the iPhone Xs. This will be accompanied by a follow-up offering to the iPhone Xr which will have a 6.1″ screen.

At this stage there is no mention of what the notch situation for all three of next year’s iPhones will be, but considering nothing has been mentioned yet, Apple will probably still feature some sort of notch for its all-screen displays, although we do not know what guise they will take.

Also unclear is where the silicon for the 5G iPhones will come from, with the Intel acquisition expected to only yield device-ready technology in 2021. As such Apple will need to use the tech afforded by Qualcomm if it aims to have three iPhones that support 5G in the market next year.

With both Apple and Qualcomm seemingly ending the ongoing battle between the two, it should be interesting to see how the latter reacts to Apple switching in-house for its mobile modems in less than two months.

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