With July just about over, Comic Con Africa 2019 draws ever nearer to its 21st September kick off date, and new announcements are still being made about what will be on show.

Revealed just today, Project Springbok will exist inside the Comic Con Africa Dev Zone where local indie titles will be shown off to the public.

After the event is over the best game will be voted to be published on Steam, with the help of the event organisers.

It sounds to be very reminiscent of the Home Coded section of rAge but it’s a bit more than a showcase of local talent thanks to the involvement of Mario Rizzo and Project Mosi.

Rizzo, a veteran of the gaming industry, has set up Project Mosi to establish a video game hub on the African continent.

Rizzo and his team, together with Comic Con Africa, will be accepting 40 games to showcase at the convention. Those who are interested can apply on this page, and we suggest reading through the full terms and conditions beforehand.

Visitors to the Project Springbok stand will be able to vote for their favourite titles with the winner receiving funding that will be used to be published on Steam.

Applications to Project Springbok close on 30th August and entrants will be notified of a decision come 6th September.

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