3D Prints from the Final Fantasy series usually take the form of 1:1 scale weapons for accurate cosplay or display, but today we have something on the smaller side in this pair of turrets.

Thingiverse user HewieAlbino has recreated the Bishop and Rook Autoturrets from Final Fantasy XIV, and they told us how these prints were made.

Autodesk Maya was the modelling software of choice here with the pair of prints being worked on at the same time, requiring about a week’s worth of free time to complete.

Screenshots from the game were the main source of reference, allowing HewieAlbino to capture what the in-game models looked like from every angle.

Printing similarly took about one week to complete with the turrets needed to be split into multiple parts to fit onto the printer being used.

Once assembled the Bishop is 11 centimetres tall and the lengthier Rook is 15 centimetres, though they were not made to be in any particular scale.

After the supports were removed it was time for sanding, as with most 3D prints. This was followed by a few coats of primer and then some hand painting with acrylics.

Those looking to make their own turrets can find the files available for free on Thingiverse. Grab the Bishop Autoturret and Rook Turret from there if you’re so inclined.

Those looking for the aforementioned 1:1 scale weapons should check out Vincent Valentine’s Cerberus – the triple barrelled revolver.

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