The next game that publisher Devolver Digital is releasing is Metal Wolf Chaos XD… a game that first came out in 2004.

Originally developed by the now venerable FromSoftware, the game was neigh impossible to play in the present day thanks to the fact that it was never officially released in the West.

Thankfully Devolver Digital managed to acquire the rights to title to give it a rerelease, which as the “XD” tacked on the end of it to differentiate this version from the original.

Aside from releasing on 6th August on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Metal Wolf Chaos XD also comes with some improvements. Despite being billed as a rerelease, it comes with support for wider displays and “upgraded visuals”.

A quick retrospective of this journey has been packed into the trailer below.

Aside from being a fun trailer, it also serves as a reminder that pre-orders are open for the title.

We always suggest waiting for at least the initial reviews before buying a game, and the pre-order offer here is pretty weak.

Depending on your platform of choice, a special skin will be unlocked for the mech suit that you pilot in the game.

PC (from Steam or GOG) gets a yellow one, PlayStation 4 gets blue, and Xbox One is green.

You can see the three colours in the picture below, and the yellow PC version can be seen in a slightly better render on Steam.