With July on its last legs we’re inching closer to the release of Borderlands 3 on 13th September, so the hype and marketing push for it is soon going to increase.

As such as now have the first character trailer for one of the four playable classes in the game.

As seen in many of the previous trailers, Zane uses illusions of himself called “Digi-Clones” to distract enemies so he can avoid damage and score critical hits.

The trailer, embedded below, doesn’t really do much to flesh out the character, as that has been offloaded to the video description and a dedicated page for him on the Borderlands site.

From the two we learn that Zane was a hitman with a focus on espionage, as well as a tech expert, which perfectly feeds into his use of the Digi-Clones.

The previously mentioned page dedicated to Zane also shows off a bit of his skill tree which has three branches: Doubled Agent, Hitman and Under Cover.

Doubled Agent focuses on this clones, Hitman on his drones and Under Cover grants a barrier for him and the other players.

Two of those abilities can be taken at once in exchange for the ability to throw grenades, which is an interesting trade off. If the ability to reroll spent skill points returns in Borderlands 3, it will be interesting to play around with this system until you make a action skill / grenade mix that suits you.

We expect the other three characters – Amara, Fl4k and Moze – to get similar trailers and more information soon. We know sirens like Amara are a fan favourite and Fl4k has lethal pets, but Moze has a mech suit and is the best character by default. We won’t be accepting any arguments to the contrary.