All Unisa exam results for May / June should be out this week

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Many students at the University of South Africa (Unisa) are still waiting for the results of exams they wrote months ago in the May / June exam period.

As we reported on earlier this month, an email sent out to certain students pinned this delay on a campus shutdown which happened at the beginning of July as well as an important Unisa staff member being ill.

While this announcement was sent out to students taking the COM3701 module, many others outside of this course have also experienced late results.

As it stands at the time of writing, the final day for exam results to be released to students is the last day of this month –

“We are hoping that all the books will be finalized by 29 July, and results released by 31 July,” the announcement reads.

This was delivered to students on 17th July, but flies in the face of a an official tweet from the university made on 22nd July stating that the final date for the release of the exam results would be last Friday, 27th July.

Despite that tweet we have confirmed outstanding results today, 29th July, meaning that the 31st July is the new target date to finally get the marks.

Unisa has also moved back the closing of registration for semester two of 2019. Originally it was meant to close on 8th August, but this has now been moved to 10th August.

These extra two days are welcome for many, but this exasperates the problems all these missed deadlines have caused. The first assignments for many modules, whose completion and submission is a requirement for exam admittance, are due in August, leaving returning students precious little time.

As before we recommend that those still waiting use the time to pre-select their new modules as well as organise funds to pay for registration. That being said module selection is sometime predicated on previous semester performance, as is certain types of student funding.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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