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Apple Card launching Stateside next month, but no word on other countries

Like many of its competitors, Apple released its latest quarterly report recently. More specifically the firm’s third quarter results, as other parts of the business helped prop up slowing iPhone sales. One of the more interesting bit of news to come out of the report is the status of Apple Card, which CEO Tim Cook says will launch sometime in August Stateside.

Unfortunately Tim Apple could not provide any further detail, such as a precise launch date, or more importantly for us in South Africa, the company’s plans to launch the service in other countries.

For now all we know is that Apple Card will launch in the US next month, with iPhone owners capable of signing up for the service and all the features facilitated via the Apple Pay app. There’s also the titanium physical Apple Card that users can make payments with, along with having it delivered for free in the mail.

The card is handled via Goldman Sachs, with the investment firm having previously stated that there are plans to launch Apple Card in other regions following the US. With that firm having little presence locally, it may have to look to partner with another organisation in SA in order to make Apple Card a reality here.

There are also a few other logistical hurdles, with Apple Pay yet to be officially available in South Africa. As such that would need to be sorted first before any iPhone owner can hope to get their hands on the titanium Apple Card.

With the service also taking care of things like billing, and providing information to users on spending habits, it could prove a handy offering if launched in SA. For now though, we’ll have to see how it fares in the States.

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