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ASCII game Stone Story RPG launches into Early Access this August

If you just can’t bear to pick up another game with classical pixel graphics, we suggest going back even further to the age of ASCII art for upcoming title Stone Story RPG.

Thanks to a new trailer released over the weekend (embedded below) we know that the title will launch onto Steam’s Early Access come 8th August 2019, and we can see a lot about how the game will play.

As the name suggests this is a full 3D RPG complete with monster slaying, questing, crafting and secrets to uncover, all presented against a completely black background brought to life with mostly white  ASCII characters.

It seems that, rather cleverly, that ever-present blackness is actually a part of the story as the game takes place in a “world of perpetual darkness”.

While the trailer is rather short its Steam page provides a lot of information about the title and how it will handle Early Access, which is slated to last around one year before it’s released in earnest.

The main thrust of the story will apparently take around eight hours to play through, but there is an emphasis on replay value with different strategies and a whopping 11 difficulties in each part of the game.

If you’re the type of person to jump on these games early and help them develop with feedback, the developers have set up a Discord sever where you can do just that.

It will be interesting to see how Stone Story RPG fairs in the wild given both its unique art style, and the fact that players have no direct control over their character with “robust player A.I.” taking care of all the “exploring, combat and looting”. Those behind the keyboard will determine the success of their stick figure by timing their special abilities and potions, together with swapping between items.

[Via – /r/Games]

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