DC Is offering a real Bat-Credit Card at Comic-Con

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The 1997 movie Batman & Robin is infamous for a lot of ridiculous scenes, with one of the most popular being the bidding scene where Batman whips out the credit card you can see above. A joke for decades now, DC Comics is actually offering visitors to Comic-Con International: San Diego 2019 the ability to get one for real.

The “DC Power Visa” – as it’s being called – is a collection of cards with seven unique designs based on a variety of the company’s most popular characters.

You can see the full collection of them in the gallery below, but the important one is the plain black option with the silver Batman logo on it, which is clearly trying to ape the card seen in the movie.

Unfortunately this isn’t a “Goth Card” and it’s not valid forever, but it’s good enough in our eyes.

This is, obviously, a big publicity stunt that isn’t really necessary. For many years now banks and other financial institutions have been offering credit and debit cards which allow custom imagery on them, and we’re sure many people have tried to make their own so-called Bat-Credit Card.

Regardless the DC Power Visa does offer some incentives which may make it appealing, such as a loyalty programme for buying comic book merchandise and seeing movies.

If you’re seriously considering signing up for one of these, you can find more details about them on their dedicated site.

DC’s official Twitter account states that you can sign up for these at Comic-Con in the US, should you be in attendance.

The dedicated site we linked to above seems to imply that you can apply for one of these cards only, but the links to do so seem to be broken at the time of writing. Each time we hit the “apply for selected card” button we either get an error page, or a new tab opening up with the same exact page. You may want to come back later as we suspect heavy traffic is causing the problem.

The other interesting design here is also Batman themed, with the vertical one apparently being a homages to 80 years of the character.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.


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