How to use the Buddy Pass in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

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The co-op focused Wolfenstein: Youngblood is finally out on all platforms today allowing everyone to jump in on the Nazi killing fun, with the Buddy Pass system being a unique way to allow some players to enjoy it for free.

The Buddy Pass is a system included in the more expensive Deluxe Edition of the game. This allows the owner of the Deluxe Edition to invite someone who doesn’t own the game to play through the entirety of the content, as long as the free player is in a session hosted by the owner.

It’s a rather clever way to do things and ensure that the maximum amount of players can enjoy the title, but there’s some caveats especially around the fact that a Besthesda account is needed. Here’s how to go about making it work.

Both players will need to be able to play online. This means that they need PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch Online or Xbox Live Gold depending on the platform. Those on PC do not need any paid subscription to make this work.

On top of this a Bethesda account is needed, and it will have to be linked to the account on whatever platform you are playing on. If you have not done this step the game will prompt you to do so.

After the accounts have been created and linked, the two players will need to add each other as friends. The Bethesda friends list is separate from other friends lists, however. Keep your usernames in mind as you can add each other inside of Youngblood. Click on the Besthesda icon in the top right corner of the game and choose “Find Player”, enter their username and you can send a friend request.

For the player that doesn’t own the game – a download of the trail version of the game is needed. It can be downloaded for free from Steam (where it is listed as a demo), the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store (listed as a free trial) or Nintendo eShop. Boot up the game and wait for an invite from the owner of the game.

For the player that owns the Deluxe Edition of Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Continue or start a new game and choose “Host Game”. In the Host Game menu there is an option called “Use Buddy Pass”. Choosing it will open up the option to invite a friend to your game.

If the owner of the game quits out or ends the session the free Buddy Pass player will be booted and they will not be able to play until they are invited by a game owner again.

About the Buddy Pass itself

If you’ve used the information above to get into a game, you may be wondering about the finer details of the system, so let’s answer some of the questions about it.

Firstly, the Buddy Pass can be used an infinite amount of times with as many free players as needed. Only one friend can be invited at one time, but that’s not much of a restriction as the game only supports two players at any time.

The game will do some clever behind the scenes scaling of difficulty and enemies to deal with players of varying levels, so don’t worry about bringing a lower level player into your game if you’ve advanced to later stages.

We wrote this article using the PC version of the game, but it should work the same for the consoles. See the FAQ from Bethesda themselves if you run into any problems.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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