LEGO’s Creator Expert line of sets is one of our favourite themes from the toy company, making incredible pieces of plastic engineering like the 007 Aston Martin DB5 with an ejector seat. Now the company has moved from four wheels to two with a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy set which launches today.

We got to build the set recently thanks to a loaner unit from the official LEGO Store here in South Africa. For now the set is exclusive to them where it is priced at R1 549.99.

Cracking open the box and everything looks normal save for two aspects: the small sticker sheet and the fact that this set comes with three rims.

The stickers are backed with a metallic look so they stand out more on the set, and the large back tyre here is accomplished using a pair of rims that are joined together and covered with a single large piece of new LEGO rubber.

Building the set is relatively straightforward with the most interesting part arguably being the engine, which has a functioning set of pistons you can see in the gif below.

These connect by way of a chain, just like on the real bike, to the back tyre. Moving the set around will move the drivetrain here and pump the pistons up and down.

Unfortunately, once you’ve finished building the set the pistons are completely covered, so you never see this in action save for the middle of the building process while it’s still unfinished.

The rest of the build comes together very easily and there aren’t many special or unique building techniques to speak of. It’s still very enjoyable and the finished product is an absolute looker.

Some complaints were made when the set was revealed due to the fact that all the grey metal parts of the bike were done in a flat grey instead of any of the more metallic pieces that LEGO offers, and that’s something we have to agree on. The set looks a bit dull overall, but we do understand that those metallic pieces cost more to produce and would have driven the price of the set up.

As is the bike is still a real looker once on a shelf and can be displayed on a small included stand to keep it upright, or at an angle using a kickstand that folds into the body.

It terms of scale it’s much larger than the other Creator Expert vehicles but still fits in well enough once they’re all on the shelf. Personally, as someone more invested in cars than bikes, this set was a real treat to put together and display.

If you or someone in your life loves bikes, especially Harley-Davidsons, this set should be an instant buy. For other people like me who appreciate any vehicles LEGO does in this detail, it should still be kept in mind when looking for a new set.

For those not falling into either of those categories it’s a tougher sell. For younger kids there isn’t much play value aside from rolling it around, and certain parts are fragile and will require some rebuilding after messing around with it. That’s what happened when I just needed to take some pictures with it.

Casual adult fans not particularly interested in the aforementioned topics will like the printed Harley-Davidson tiles which adorn both sides of the fuel tank, but there isn’t much else to justify this as a parts pack.

10269: Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is a very welcome addition to the Creator Expert line and we hope we see more bikes in the future. The one we built is actually on display in the Sandton LEGO Store, so go give it a look in person if you need some extra motivation to pick it up.

Oh, and we need to mention one other thing: LEGO’s line of large buildable Star Wars figures are almost in the perfect scale to sit on this bike. You can see 75534: Darth Vader on it in the gallery below.