UPDATE: The date has been changed once again and is currently 16th August.

The original story follows below: 

Returning students to the University of South Africa (Unisa) have been granted an extra two days to register for the second semester of 2019.

The original closing date for this was originally 8th August, but has since changed to 10th August.

The reason behind this is the extremely late release of results for examinations written in the May / June exam period earlier this year.

As we reported on a few weeks ago, the official reasons provided for this delay were a campus shutdown that occurred between 1st and 13th July, as well as a key Unisa staff member being ill.

At that time students of certain modules were promised that their results would come on 31st July, despite the fact that Unisa promised them earlier on 27th July.

Both of those dates were missed and many students only got to see their results yesterday, 1st August.

While the new 10th August date was announced a little while ago, it bears repeating now due to the large influx of students scrambling to register for the second semester.

So many in fact that we noticed the Unisa website – as well as the myUnisa student portal – was going through periods of downtime yesterday, probably caused by high volumes of traffic.

We also personally experienced the online payment methods failing to work and the student finances section of myUnisa not functioning properly.

As we head into the weekend with so many learners still not registered or unable to pay for their studies, we can only hope that the Unisa site remains up until Monday.

As Unisa is infamous for failing to answer its phones, it may be wise to personally visit one of the institution’s campuses. Those that are struggling to pay online may want to consider an alternate method of payment, as outlined on its payment information page.

Finally, a reminder that your registration is not final until you have made the minimum payment for the new semester. The exact amount of this minimum payment should be emailed to you once you have registered successfully. The last day to make this payment is also 10th August.