Over the past couple of years when rumours begun churning about the iPhone, Apple was always said to be working on a way to ditch the physical home button as it aimed to increase the amount of screen real estate on the device.

Now industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, via 9to5Mac, reportedly has the inside track as far as Apple’s plans for fingerprint sensors on the iPhone goes. To that end Kuo says it will take until 2021 for Apple to integrate in-display fingerprint sensors onto its iPhone devices.

He adds that this form of biometrics will appear alongside the current Face ID scanning that Apple employs, with the fingerprint sensor likely working as a type of two-factor authentication.

The analyst also says that Apple may look to integrate the in-display technology into other devices, with the Apple Watch in particular being mentioned, adding that it may prove a better fit for the smartwatch than Face ID.

As for how Apple will aim to make its fingerprint sensing technology better than what’s already in the market, is unclear, with speed and accuracy being the most important element for biometrics at the moment.

What is of more interest to us, however, is whether such a biometric system can be easily fooled. The likes of Apple and Samsung have already had past iterations of fingerprint and facial unlocking systems hacked, with simple copies getting the job done.

Hopefully then when Apple decides to place in-display tech on to the iPhone, it works better than it did on the physical home button.

[Image – CC 0 Unsplash]