Huawei could be gearing up to reveal its much-rumoured Hongmeng OS, with the operating system reportedly being unveiled later this week.

This report does come from Chinese state-owned website Global Times, and should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, but the publication does have a few details about the OS that are worth noting.

To that end its sources say Hongmeng OS is not necessarily a mobile-focused operating system, but rather one that is geared towards use on experimental platforms. This seems to echo reports that a Huawei exec made last month, with Hongmeng said to be an IoT-based OS that the company  has been working on for some time.

As for when this week Huawei is expected to reveal the operating system, Global Times says this week’s Developer’s Conference¬†being held in Dongguan, China (starting 9th August), would provide the perfect platform to showcase what the firm has been working on.

While such an event makes a lot of sense to debut a new experimental operating system, the additional report from Global Times seems a little less likely, with the publication stating that the first device running Hongmeng OS could debut alongside the Huawei Mate 30 Pro later this year.

Such a short window makes that report hard to believe, but then again very few people knew Huawei was working on a foldable phone, and then the firm unveiled one at MWC 19 earlier this year.

We’ll have to see if this rumour gathers momentum in coming days, or simply wait until 9th August.