Local internet service provider Cool Ideas has shared a warning to its customers about an apparent string of scams happening at the moment which use its name to try and trick people.

“Cool Ideas has had numerous reports of customers being presented with a fraudulent survey (or similar opportunity) in which they can win prizes via a random web page that appears whilst browsing online,” The company writes, “This is a common scam in which defrauders use your public IP address to determine your ISP and pretend to offer you this scheme under the guise of the Cool Ideas name.”

Under that guise an example of one of these scam “contests” was shared which supposed is offering a new phone to the customer of the ISP. Cool Ideas being written in the incorrect way is just one warning sign.

While it was this company who is issuing the warning, this type of fraudulent activity is not limited to Cool Ideas. These popups are usually designed to change the name of the ISP in the text field to match your ISP address.

Aside from the allure of getting something for nothing, this type of scam is rather clever as it tricks unsuspecting victims with an air of familiarity by using the name of the ISP they’re using, which is usually incorrect when the criminals learns how to spell.

Regardless, Cool Ideas reiterates that any and all promotions they run will be done on their official channels, where the company name will be written without a hyphen and with a capitalised “I”, presumably.

If you see one of these popups ignore and report them where you can. While you may know it’s a trick now, there are many out there that do not.