Devolver Digital’s reincarnation of FromSoftware’s fabled mech game – Metal Wolf Chaos XD – finally launches all over the world today after more than a decade of the title being trapped in Japan.

To mark the occasion the publisher has released a launch trailer that, instead of being a sizzle reel of gameplay mixed in with some cutscenes, is actually entirely animated.

Yes, that means it’s rather short at just under two minutes, but it’s a lot of fun and captures what the game is trying to do with its ultra patriotic parody of the United States but with mechs and terrible voice acting.

Speaking of that last part and the cast doing the voices here try to imitate those in the game but they’re just not silly enough. See the retrospective video for the title if you want to hear some of that sweet, awful voice work that has been left untouched in this new version of the game.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD launches later today, 6th August. Reviews should pop up just before the game becomes available to purchase. Our own review will be one of them, so check back here soon to see if the game we played matches up with this trailer.

Each of the platforms (PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) have different pre-orders bonuses in the form of unique skins for the mech piloted by the player (yellow, blue and green respectively) but they’re not that interesting and we suggest waiting for reviews before parting with any money.