Countless games hit Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites every day, but To The Rescue! is something special dealing with a dog shelter and all its challenges in the guise of a management sim title.

Put up on Kickstarter a few hours ago, this game has you control a volunteer trying to restore the local dog shelter, improving it as you go to accommodate all the animals there and try get them adopted.

To that end each dog has its own stat page which you can then use not only to keep it happy and healthy by managing various elements, but also to match it up with a potential new owner when they visit the shelter.

From exploring the campaign page there’s a healthy mix of number balancing typical for this genre together with some minigames where you get to play with the dogs. They look a bit simplistic (like mashing a button to play tug-o-war), and there aren’t many of them, but they act as a nice change of pace if you’ve poured many hours into this type of game.

To The Rescue! is shooting for a $16 000 goal and, at the time of writing, has already raised around $10 000. With just under a month to go for the campaign, it’s looking like it will be able to achieve the goal.

Stretch goals include a pair of additional NPCs at $18 000 and an outdoor play space at $24 000. All goals beyond that are hidden for now, but you can check out the cost breakdown to see where the pledge money is going.

Aside from wanting to back a cute game, To The Rescue! also promises to donate 20 percent of its post-launch sales to real dog shelters.

If you’d like to pledge your own money, you can get in at just $15 for a Steam key and your name in the credits when the game launches on the estimated time of August 2020.

As always, putting in more money gets you more in return. At $25 you can add a dog’s name into the game, and at $50 you buy an enamel pin.

Right at the top of the tiers is the $500 pledge you can be in the game… or your dog can. This tier grants you the ability to help create a visitor to the shelter or one of the dogs in it. An in-game plaque dedicated to you will also appear.

While we love the concept of this game and the fact that it’s promised to donate money to help real dogs and the great people who care for them at shelters, we have to provide the obligatory warning about crowdfunding. There’s no guarantee your money will be used as advertised and you may never actually get to play this game.

If the software launches it may also not be the same as what’s shown in the marketing. Don’t contribute anything you’re not willing to lose completely.

We do, however, encourage you to look around the campaign page and decide for yourself.

Got money burning a hole in your pocket that you’d prefer to donate directly to an animal shelter? A quick Google should give you local results of where best to spend that money, with the best choices usually being the small operations near you as opposed to giant companies.

And for the love of dog, don’t give a cent to PETA, the organisation that seems to be primarily concerned with publicity stunts and criticising Steve Irwin’s legacy.