This evening Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 10 to the world.

The handset sports new silicon, an improved S Pen with added functionality and a massive battery.

As with the Galaxy S10 series, South Africa is a first phase market and as such locals can expect the Galaxy Note 10 series to arrive on 30th August.

Pricing for the Galaxy Note 10 will start at R18 999 with contract pricing starting at the R899pm mark. The Galaxy Note 10+ will start at R22 999 and contract pricing starts at R999pm.

Pre-orders open on 8th August and there are a few perks to getting in on the ground floor.

For those who pre-order a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ you will receive a free Galaxy Fit wearable.

An additional pre-order bonus includes two years of screen and battery replacement which we are getting details for as we speak.

Speaking at a local Unpacked screening, Samsung South Africa chief executive officer, Sung Yoon said, “We think South Africa is so important because South Africa is vital to our success.”

Samsung South Africa has said that pre-orders will be delivered ahead of 30th August but was coy as to when that would be.