While the highlights of Unpacked 2019 are most definitely the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphones, something else caught our eye – DeX.

Yes, that functionality that has required everything from a proprietary dock to a USB Type C to HDMI turnaround.

The Galaxy Note 10 series introduces a new way to make use of DeX, or is that old?

Our confusion stems from the fact that all you need now is a USB Type C cable to connect your handset to your notebook.

Once connected you can download and launch the DeX app which brings up your phone’s interface in a new window on your desktop.

From here you can do a number of cool things. Transfer files seamlessly between the two devices, answer messages and manage settings.

The real star for us however is the ability to launch smartphone apps on your notebook. This means that you can connect your phone to your notebook and post to Instagram without touching your phone once.

This should be great for content creators and influencers who want high quality content but struggle with the smaller form factor of a smartphone.

All you need is a cable and you can start using DeX.

Oh and before we forget, DexX works for both macOS and Windows.

While we’ve never felt inclined to make use of DeX, this ease of use will definitely have us using it more often.

Is it just a glorified browser window with a slick UI? Perhaps, but it looks good, it works well and isn’t that all we’ve ever really wanted from DeX?