As is often the case when a flagship phone is being readied for a global launch, leaked information has surfaced. The device in question this time around is the Galaxy Note 10, with details about the specifications and design of the smartphone landing online ahead of its launch later tonight.

While Samsung has of course refrained from commenting on the leaked information, it is still worth seeing what these leaks are saying about the firm’s highly anticipated flagship device.

To that end Droid Life, which has the inside lane on this leak, reports that Samsung will debut two different models for the Note 10.

The website says there will be the regular Galaxy Note 10 which will have a 6.3″ display and a larger Note 10+ with a 6.8″ screen. The designs are believed to be the same, with Samsung shifting the punch hole for the selfie camera centrally and sticking to an all-screen aesthetic.

Both will also feature an S Pen, which is to be expected for the Note series, although what kinds of improvements if any, remain unknown. It’s also unclear what kind of silicon, RAM, storage and camera setups the Note 10 and Note 10+ will be touting, so at least there is still something to look forward to finding out later this evening.

We do, however, have an idea of the pricing for the Note 10 range, with Droid Life reporting that Stateside it the standard model will start at $949 and the larger variant will cost $1 099.

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[Source and Images – Droid Life]