Like most long-running webcomics Cyanide & Happiness has branched out into other forms of media over the years. It’s spread to animation, videogames and even board games with the latest offering in that last category racking up millions of dollars on Kickstarter.

The new board game – called Trial by Trolley – is a party game based on the famous trolley problem. This thought experiment is extrapolated here with players needing to decide which route a murderous trolley will take. Players place cards on each side to make the decision more or less enticing.

To kind of show how this works and to drum up attention for the Kickstarter campaign, the Cyanide & Happiness team has whipped up a bunch of animations featuring Trolley Tom, the driver of the famous carriage.

Throughout this last month these animations would present viewers the choice of which track the trolley would take. The number of comments reading “Right” or “Left” would decide which way the trolley would go, destroying whatever was on that side.

The first decision, embedded below, has viewers choosing between an entire family or your evil twin… who is holding your dog.

Even if you don’t care about the game or the crowdfunding, this series of animations is fun to follow and all 14 of the videos can be found in this playlist.

Back to the actual game and its crowdfunding, however, and it has recently come to a close. The modest goal of $69 420 (yes, really) was reached almost immediately after the campaign has gone live.

Now that it is over, 55 024 backers pledged $3 538 065 to get the game made. Right now it’s scheduled for a release in December of this year and all the stretch goals were reached.

The final stretch goal – miniatures of characters from the animations – will now be included in the more premium “Derailed” edition of the game that cost $65.

While the campaign is over, you can still read over the page for more details about the game and how it works.

If you missed pledging for whatever reason, and you want to pick the game up, don’t worry as it’s very likely that retail versions of it will be on shelves next year. Cyanide & Happiness’ previous party game, Joking Hazard, was also successfully crowdfunded and can be bought right now from just about anywhere that stocks such things.

This is great news for people like us outside of places like the US and UK as this option avoids the high prices and troubles of personally importing the Kickstarter rewards.