After a short drought of new information from the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield, a new trailer has been released which dumps a rather hefty amount of fresh details on players.

One piece of this is the return of regional forms, or regional variants. This started in the Sun and Moon games were certain Pokémon like Golem were given a makeover over sorts and turned into Alolan Golem complete with “facial hair” which is supposedly made of iron fillings due to the fact that Golem’s regional variant is an electric type.

Now the same has been done for another gen one classic – Weezing. As you can see from the header image above, and the trailer embedded below, Galarian Weezing really captures the old UK setting of the new games sporting facial hair (and eyebrows) made out of smog, together with a pair of top hat chimneys. Blimey.

The Zigzagoon line has also been given a Galarian regional variant as well as a brand new evolution which comes after Linoone in the form of Obstagoon. The trio appears to be inspired by the band Kiss.

While rehashing its old content is Pokémon’s speciality, we did actually get some new stuff in the trailer too.

The adorable Morpeko takes the slang word hangry (a mixture of “hungry” and “angry”) and turns it into a new way to fight which allows it to change its appearance and moveset.

Rivals Bede and Marnie are shown off with the latter having a fan club called Team Yell who seem to take inspiration from football hooligans. Again, the UK inspiration is clear here.

If exactly two minutes of new footage isn’t enough for you, the Japanese version of this trailer is a full 70 seconds longer and shows off even more.

This trailer shows off something missed in the English one: Poké Jobs. This system allows players to send their Pokémon to work independently to earn experience points. It also looks like there’s a new version of Rotom who dishes these jobs out.

Aside from these trailers official information about the new changes and additions to Sword and Shield can be found in this newsletter sent out recently.