If you were up late enough last night, you likely saw Samsung unveil its new flagship phone – the Galaxy Note 10. The device is currently slated for launch in South Africa at the end of August, but pre-orders open up today (8th August).

As such you’re probably wondering where can I pre-order the Galaxy Note 10, and which carrier/retailer is offering the best bundled package?

Well we’ve created a handy little roundup below for you to peruse before deciding on where to pre-order from.


First up is one of the local carriers in Vodacom, with the firm having a rather simple pre-order page. There is plenty of detail about the phone, but nothing in terms of the colour options, onboard storage, or indeed bundle details for the Galaxy Note 10. As such this appears to be more of a “register your interest by signing up” initiative.


At the time of writing MTN does not have any pre-order listings for the Galaxy Note 10, which is pretty disappointing as the network is shown on Samsung’s own pre-order details page. Hopefully more pre-order information will arrive in coming days.

Cell C

As for Cell C, it has a bit more information to offer. The network’s pre-order page is only for the 256GB Aura Black version of the Note 10 and Note 10+ at this stage, with a Samsung Galaxy Fit added to the bundle while stocks last. There’s also a once-off promotion for 24-month Samsung Care Plus at R499.

Samsung Store

Moving on to Samsung itself, with its Stores perhaps featuring the widest range of pre-order options. To that end both the Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ are listed, along with all three local colour options – Aura Black, Aura White and Aura Glow. Like Cell C, Samsung is offering a Galaxy Fit and 24-month Care Plus for R499.


Cellucity is offering a very similar pre-order scheme to that of the Samsung Store, with the only exception being no mention of the Care Plus offer. The retailer does have all three colour options of the Note 10 and Note 10+ available, along with listings for contract, cash, upgrade and online purchase.

Chatz Connect

Next is Chatz Connect which too has all three colour options for both models of Note 10. Added to this is the aforementioned Galaxy Fit bundle (valued at R3 500) and the Care Plus 24-month offer for R499. The latter is quite a good deal, especially considering as it is normally three times as expensive.


Now let’s look at a purely online retailer, Takealot, with its site featuring Aura Black, White and Glow options on both the 256GB versions of the Note 10 and 10+. Availability is while stocks last, and we’ve also noticed that the regular 6.3″ Note 10 is selling at R1000 more than the recommended R18 999. Also no mention of bundled offers, so this looks to be a cash-only offer, with devices shipping on 30th August, provided payment is received before the 28th.

Incredible Connection

Incredible Connection is also listing the Galaxy Note 10 for pre-order, with the same pricing as that of Takelot. This means the Note will R19 999, and the Note 10+ is set at R22 999. Incredible Connection also has the bundled Galaxy Fit and 24-month Care Plus for R499, as well as throwing in a R3 000 in-store gift card to sweeten the deal. All pre-orders are online only.

Dion Wired

Last on our roundup is Dion Wired, with the retailer only having two colour options – Aura Black and Glow. Dion Wired too has the Galaxy Fit and 24-month Care Plus for R499 included in the pre-order bundle, but availability is limited. With all models selling for cash, the Note 10 will cost R19 999 and Note 10+ higher at R22 999.