We’re a few weeks away from IFA 2019, happening 6th to 11th September, and one of the firms getting some early buzz in LG, with newly leaked renders surfacing for the South Korean company’s next flagship phone – the G8X.

This is an unofficial name, with LG naturally refraining from commenting on the aforementioned leaks. Said information comes from OnLeaks which cites Price Baba for the details.

While all leaked renders for devices should be taken with a generous helping of salt, with it being this close to the G8X’s expected reveal at IFA next month, the visuals in the header above are likely spot on.

Taking a closer look it doesn’t seem as if there is anything particularly noteworthy about the device, with an all-screen display, cursory teardrop screen notch and thin bezels on the sides of the phone. This is all industry standard for a flagship Android phone these days.

The only notable aspect is the fact that the LG G8X is said to have an in-display fingerprint sensor, which is a first for the South Korean firm.

To be fair LG is rather late to the party on that front, with the likes of Huawei already on its second batch of phones to feature such a sensor layout. Add to this firms like Oppo and Xiaomi pushing the boundaries as far as selfie cameras go, and LG has a bit of catching up to do.

Hopefully though LG has a few more tricks up its sleeve for the G8X, with a second screen accessory rumoured to be in the offing. If not, the firm may have another device on its hands which fails to leave a lasting impression.

We’ll have to reserve judgement though for when LG hosts its IFA 2019 press conference on 6th September.

[Image – OnLeaks]