Space and storage are ever-growing concerns for those who enjoy working independently, but when the cloud is not within reach or a secured WiFi network unavailable, online storage options can fall short.

As such having a physical solution on-hand is a must, but portable hard drives can be quite bulky at times, not to mention difficult to set up depending on which manufacturer it comes from. There is also the issue of operating system compatibility to worry about, with Mac users in particular seldom catered for.

Luckily there are a few solutions out there that tackle all of the aforementioned problems, with the Transcend ESD250C SSD being one of them.

Take a look at the ESD250C from Transcend and it’s sometimes hard to believe that there is 950GB worth of storage in its svelte and stylish chassis.

That’s precisely what’s on offer here though, with this portable SSD allowing users to quickly and easily expand their flash storage (3D NAND) without any fuss. As such it ensures that you’ll have access to more space in order to store high-resolution images, 4K videos or simply run backups in a matter of seconds.

Despite only weighing 47g, the Transcend ESD250C still has a reassuring degree of ruggedness to it thanks to an aluminium body. This is pared with a 7.5mm thin design which means this SSD lives up to its portable billing and can be slipped into any bag or case with ease.

The space grey colour option also fits in with most notebooks on the market, and will look right at home, while taking up very little real estate on your desk. For those who enjoy working remotely, whether in co-locating or hot desking setups, this is a particular handy aspect of the ESD250C’s design.

Added to this is a seamless connectivity experience, which is facilitated by the free-to-download Transcend Elite software which manages data on the device regardless if it’s connected to a Windows, macOS or Android device. This helpful application can also take care of encryption, handle backups and perform disk locking, making it a solid companion for this portable SSD.

Sticking with connectivity, Transcend has you covered with two cables included in the box alongside the ESD250C – a USB Type-A to Type-A and USB Type-A to Type-C.

Once connected the manufacturer says the portable SSD can muster maximum read speeds of 520MB/s and maximum write speeds of 460 MB/s. These speeds are capable thanks to the ESD250C working via the USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, along with theĀ UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) to ensure things transfer at a rapid pace for users.

The ESD250C also boasts the ability to pair with devices outside of notebooks and smartphones, provided they support USB OTG (on-The-Go) functionality. As such you could connect the ESD250C to your gaming console should the latest game you downloaded require additional storage, making this portable SSD handy in a bind once again.

All of this means that Transcend’s latest portable SSD is not limited to a notebook or PC, and can be used in a variety of scenarios. It’s also lightweight and compact, not to mention it looks good too.

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