UPDATE: We have spoken to local iStore staff and they have informed us that the R600 admin/quote fee that consumers must pay when booking their recalled MacBook Pro for a battery replacement will be refunded to them once the notebook has been repaired and collected. We are still waiting for feedback on the matter from Core Group, however.


If you purchased a MacBook Pro between 2015 and 2017, you may be regretting your purchase, especially if you plan to travel Stateside. In recent months a significant fault with the batteries for MacBook Pros made during that time was discovered, causing some to catch alight.

It since prompted Apple to issue a recall and handle battery replacements for users. Now the FAA has stepped in and confirmed that 2015 MacBook Pros without a battery replacement will not be permitted to US flights due to safety regulations.

“Please note that the 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro laptop, sold between mid-2015 to February-2017 is prohibited on board any of our mandate carriers,” Bloomberg reports according to an internal memo sent to Total Cargo Expertise (TCE) employees.

One of TCE’s affiliates, TUI Group Airlines, told Bloomberg that it will begin making announcements regarding the notebooks at boarding gates and before takeoffs, but it is still unclear what kinds of measures the TSA will take prior to passengers arriving at boarding gates.

TCE adds that four airlines operating in the UK, Italy and Canada, have implemented similar bans for the notebook.

Locally there has been no mention of such a ban, with the South African distributor of Apple products, Core Group, yet to provide feedback on the replacement of batteries for 2015 to 2017 MacBook Pros.

We’ve reached to them for comment in the interim.

Regardless of whether you’ll be travelling to the States, we highly recommend getting a battery replacement should your device fall into the recall window. To find out enter the serial number (found underneath) of your MacBook Pro on this support site.

It’s also worth mentioning that Apple will handle the battery replacement for free, but a R600 quote/admin fee will apply. We’re also reaching out to Core for more clarity in this regard too.