Motion Twin – the developers behind the popular roguelike Dead Cells – has revealed that its working on some potential new games while still creating new content for its previous title.

This was revealed in a recent update called “Who’s the Boss?“. While what it adds to the existing game is interesting and we’ll get to it in a second, the talk of something entirely new is what got us interested:

“The majority of the Motion Twin team are working on the next game, or at least making a whole bunch of prototypes and brainstorming about what the next game is going to be,” The update reads, “There’s no firm direction yet, but we’re testing new technology, weird and wonderful game designs and a whole bunch of different art styles.”

Some of these art styles were shared in a combined piece of concept art which seems to be extremely early work for an ultimately cancelled game called “DogNBot”. As you may have guessed it features a dog and a robot.

Those who are still pouring hours into Dead Cells need not worry about the game being abandoned, as part of Motion Twin is going to keep working on the title under a new name.

Evil Empire is the name of a new company (with a new logo) comprised of three of the original developers of Dead Cells. Evil Empire will continue adding to and fixing up Dead Cells while Motion Twin works on its next title.

“What this all really means is that there will be more Dead Cells, a second Motion Twin game and eventually a completely new IP from Evil Empire, so hopefully it’ll be a win win for everyone,” the update concludes.

Going back to Dead Cells and the Who’s the Boss? new content can be seen in a new trailer embedded below.

There’s six new enemies on offer as well as seven new weapons to maim them with. The enemies are designed to mimic how the game’s bosses play, hence the name of the update. The rationale behind this is that it gives players, especially new ones, the opportunity to gain practice before fighting the actual bosses.

The new weapons are also based on the bosses of the game with the intent being the ability to harness some of their power after defeating them. The big additions are the pan and a giant fist that pops out from the ground.