As 2019 hurtles to its end we’re here for yet another africast where we talk about hardware, software… and office space.

First up is HarmonyOS, Hauwei’s in house operating system that will act as a backup should their Android licence be permanently pulled. Well, kind of, anyway. Right now it’s being touted as an OS for smart devices, but there’s no word on when we’ll actually be able to use it.

Apple is next and, man, there’s a lot to get through here. While the meat of the story is MacBooks from around 2015 having significant battery issues, we talk about many of the company’s hardware failings over the years.

Finally it’s time for WeWork where we, ah, work. Yes the shared work space company is now in South Africa and for the time being it’s where we’re located. We talk a bit about our initial impressions after around two weeks of occupancy, but we’ll have a full “review” of the experience in a month or so. You can see your two hosts in one of WeWork’s meeting rooms in the header image above.

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