Spotify hasn’t held back from its desire to dominate the sphere of podcasts, which has grown to prominence in recent years.

So much so that the streaming service launched a Spotify for Podcasters platform in October last year. At the time the platform has still in the beta stage, as Spotify aimed to get as many high-profile and diverse creators to sign-up as possible.

Now Spotify for Podcasters has moved out of the beta stage, and it has its eyes set on becoming the most popular resource for podcasts out there.

The firm tells The Verge that it has garnered roughly 100 000 podcaster sign-ups since last year, with a reported 450 000 shows now a part of its platform. When we spoke to Spotify’s MD for Middle East and Africa, Claudius Boller, last year he explained that the firm is looking to push into the podcast field locally too, aiming to get creators onboard.

Now that Spotify for Podcasters is more widely available, we need to wait and see if that will indeed be the case. The company has done quite a bit for raising the profile of local artists via its streaming service, so can the same thing happen for South African podcasters?

What should regardless is the big value proposition that Spotify is punting for its Podcaster platform – listener data. The same sort of algorithmic backend that powers the normal version of Spotify to assist you with recommendations will also be put to use in providing listener insights, such as their basic demographics and listening habits.

Much like Google Analytics then, Spotify for Podcasters should be able to give content creators information about their audience, and potential ways in which they can tailor their content to be more engaging.

With it still being the early days of Spotify for Podcasters, let’s see how well it fares in coming years.