The asdfmovie series of videos are an internet staple and a relic of classic YouTube that is still being produced today. Now the people behind asdfmovie are taking it and turning it into a card game called Muffin Time.

Muffin Time seems to be a relatively simple game going off of the introductory video embedded below. The goal is to get 10 cards in your hand, starting off with three. Each turn you can draw a card to increase your hand size or play a card to affect yourself or the other players.

It’s kind of like reverse Uno, and there’s even trap cards like the ones in Yu-Gi-Oh.

Muffin Time is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter where it has a modest goal of $12 055. Thomas Ridgewell, the creator of asdfmovie, says that the game took 13 months to create and was funded in just 20 minutes. At the time of writing the funding stands at around $155 000 with 29 days still to go.

£15 gets you the smaller, base version of the game with 120 cards. For £5 extra the Kickstarter version can be had which includes the stretch goals. These two versions support between two and sixteen players.

Bump that up to £25 for 160 cards, and £30 for 200 cards. Both of those options include stretch goals and support more players (up to eight and ten respectively).

If you’re wondering why the goal is in US dollars and the pledge amounts are in British pounds, it’s likely because Kickstarter is an American company but the people making the game are based in the UK.

Regardless, should everything go as planned, a March 2020 estimated release date is given for Muffin Time.

The stretch goals have not been revealed as yet due to the fact that 24 hours have not passed since the campaign went live. We’re pretty sure that at least the first one will have already been accomplished thanks to all the people rushing in to buy the game.

Popular online content creators crowdfunding board and card games is nothing new. The Binding of Isaac and, more recently, Cyanide & Happiness both did just that.

Despite the solid track records of these previous endeavours we have to provide the necessary warning when talking about crowdfunding. Don’t spend anything you’re not willing to lose entirely as there’s no promise that you will ever receive what you pay for.

Give the campaign page a read over to see more of the game if you’re willing to take that risk. If you’re not one to gamble to the campaign is already successful and these types of projects usually end up on store shelves in a year or two if you’re willing to wait. This option is usually best if you live in a country which makes delivery too expensive.