Metal Wolf Chaos XD – the remastered version of the a game originally made by FromSoftware and published by Devolver Digital – is finally out, but let’s go back 14 years to meet the people who made it.

The publisher has released another video in its “Behind the Schemes” series which looks at how its games come to light. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is, of course, a special case as the 2004 version (not bearing the XD moniker at the end) was made by the studio that would go on to create the Souls games.

To that end Devolver took a trip to Japan to talk to some of the original developers, namely Masanori Takeuchi, who was a producer on Metal Wolf Chaos.

Our favourite line from him has to do with the absurdity of the game and how it compares to the present day: “…I’m rather disappointed with myself. As a creator I wanted to make something that goes beyond reality, but reality is in a similar situation now, so I think my imagination isn’t good enough yet.”

Other interesting titbits come from the design of the mech the player pilots in the game, and the fact that it was originally based on a spider. You may not see that from the outside but once its backpack opens up revealing the weapon structure inside, you can see how that would mimic a spider’s legs or its web.

This inspiration shifted from the spider to a hunting dog and then to a wolf, hence the name of the game. You can see some of the concept art relating to this in the header image above.

The biggest question people probably have is why FromSoftware entrusted Devolver Digital with the title in the first place. That isn’t a slight against the publisher, it’s just the fact that it isn’t exactly known for this type of project.

Takeuchi explains near the end of the video that Devolver Digital seems like a similar company to FromSoftare, before the success of the Souls games, as both are willing to try new ideas to see what succeeds.

On that note reception of Metal Wolf Chaos XD has been on the positive side even if most people recognise its various shortcomings both as a game from 2004, and its present day technical problems. You can read about both in our review.

The Behind the Schemes episodes is available to watch below: