The Rock of Ages series is getting a third instalment with the subtitle “Make & Break” which, as you may have guessed it, means that this game will allow players to make their own levels and then destroy those made by others.

If you’ve not seen any of these games before they’re a very weird but entertaining mix of genres which, ostensibly, revolves around rocks tumbling down hills. They combine racing and tower defence with a unique art style that borrows from history and Monty Python.

The announcement trailer for the new game (embedded below) shows that this third title still looks visually similar to the previous two games, so those looking for a big jump in that department may be disappointed.

The biggest addition is, of course, the level editor. It’s shown off with controller button prompts so it should be easy to make your own levels no matter which platform you choose to play on.

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break is scheduled for an “early 2020” release on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

A Steam page is up right now so you can wishlist the game and look around some early information, should you wish.

The page shows off four player online or two player splitscreen which is always a pleasure to see in new games. In terms of gameplay six types of arcade modes are promised with 20 different types of boulders to play them with.

Among the modes mentioned is also Humpty-Dumpty Mode which is seen briefly in the trailer. It seems you’ll need to roll the egg around without cracking the poor fellow. All we can really add to that is: if you read the nursery rhyme, it doesn’t once mention that Humpty-Dumpty is an egg. Hmmm.