Over the weekend the 2019 World Championships for Pokémon wrapped up and the location for the 2020 event was announced to be taking place in London, England.

As a bit of a refresher the World Championships are exactly what they sound like: a tournament to decide who are the best players in the various avenues of the Pokémon world.

The mainstays are the trading card game and the last released mainline game (referred to in short as TCG and VGC respectively) but in recent years Pokémon Go and Pokkén Tournament have been added to the roster.

The tournament comes with a slew of announcements for most of these games with 2019 being no different with a landmark TCG card being shown off right at the start.

At the end of the tournament, however, some details about the next tournament are always shared with this year being no different. London was announced as the location, which is a bigger deal than it may appear.

Despite the name of the event, the Pokémon World Championships have never left North America since starting in 2004. It briefly left the US in 2013 when it was hosted in Canada, but other than that it’s been an entirely United States affair.

Aside from making the event a truly international one, the main reason London was chosen seems to be because of the upcoming Sword and Shield games. The new region, dubbed Galar, is based on London and England as a whole, which makes the real London a perfect place to host the tournament.

As for exact details on when and where the event will take place, those will be announced later with best guesses being on early next year.

With such a large Pokémon community in Europe we’re sure this is good news for them, especially as so many made the voyage all these years to compete in North America. With the precedent now set we hope to see the World Championships head to the franchise’s native Japan… mostly so we have an excuse to visit both the country and the event at the same time.