If you follow streetwear culture, you likely know or own something from Supreme. The streetwear brand has built a reputation for itself in releasing products featuring weird collaborations with other companies, and the latest comes in the form of the “Burner Phone” from BLU.

This feature phone which features the Supreme logo in red or black flavours, and is part of a range of branded accessories that the company has released for its fall/winter drop.

Like many of Supreme’s collections, the Burner Phone is going to be hard to come by, with it going on sale on 22nd August at select stores in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London. There’s no price for the Burner Phone just yet, but it will likely cost and arm and a leg when it hits the cutthroat reseller market.

In terms of the specifications of the Burner Phone, it is 3G-only and has a 2.4″ screen and 128MB of RAM, with Supreme throwing in a 16GB memory card, although there is no mention of it being feature the famous box logo.

As The Verge highlights, Supreme has a history with tech accessories, having dropped Mophie-designed battery banks too. Those sold out fairly quickly, like most Supreme merch does, for a fairly low price tag. But once again the reseller market saw prices rise steeply.

Is the Burner Phone necessary in an age of great value for money entry-level devices? No.

Will it sell out instantly? Definitely.