Okay, it’s going to seem like we’re grasping at straws here, but stay with us.

Recently artist Artem Brullov tweeted out a piece of art he had been commissioned to do of a mech overlooking a destroyed city next to a crater. You can see the image above and we’ve embedded the original tweet below.

Aside from being a great piece inspired by a song the art is important here because it was commissioned by Subset Games, the developers behind FTL and, most importantly here, Into the Breach.

And hey, wait a minute, doesn’t Brullov’s art bear a striking resemblance to the key art of Into the Breach that was used in much of the games marketing as well as the title screen?

The same art that shows a mech overlooking a destroyed city?

Okay, so now you may see why we have our tinfoil hats on. An artist creating a homage to a game is one thing, a developer commissioning a piece to one of their games is another, but when the that art is so close to an important key art it looks like something is going on.

It looks like some DLC or expansion is on its way for the game with Brullov’s piece being the new key art.

Again, this is complete conjecture on our part and it could simply be a case of Subset Games wanting a nice piece of art for their walls with no intention of implementing it officially or producing any more content for Into the Breach.

Seeing how these things line up and we just can’t ignore it. Without spoiling the game the nature of how it plays out and the way time travel works in it means that its ending could be undone and we could get more time wimey shenanigans to fight through even after the credits roll.

If it’s not some DLC or expansion (or even a sequel) we may see something similar to what happened with FTL and its Advanced Edition. This was a free update to the game that added a bunch of new content and changes, so maybe that’s what will happen to Into the Breach and the new art will factor in somehow.

The familiar key art from Into the Breach that is also used for the title screen.
[Header image – Artem Brullov]