Germany plays host to Gamescom this week and Bungie was at the event to show off some more of its forthcoming Destiny 2 expansion – Shadowkeep.

The developer and publisher not only shared a new trailer (embedded below) but also shared more information about Finishers during the Inside Xbox livestream.

Finishers are hugely powerful melee attacks that – as the name implies – can be used to finish off an opponent. We’ve learned that while Finishers cannot be used to off a boss, they can have powerful effects.

Bungie explained that Finishers can be tweaked with a Seasonal Artifact. These tweaks can add benefits to Finishers but also have a downside. For example, a Finisher can be used to generate Heavy ammo bricks for your team at the cost of half of your Super.

Bungie also “revealed” two new Exotics for Titan and Hunter. Assassin’s Cowl for Hunters grants invisibility, health and shields upon a melee or Finisher kill. Phoenix Cradle for Titan extends the duration of Sunspots and grants allies the benefits of Sun Warrior.

Now everybody can be a Sun Warrior.

The Exotic weapon Monte Carlo also made an appearance in yesterday’s reveal along with a few other weapons we haven’t seen yet.

During the livestream we also had a glimpse of the patrol area for the Moon. The destination is home to Lost Sectors, public events and what appears to be three special Shadowkeep related activities. Reddit user ItsDanniey1 managed to nab a few screenshots during the stream to stitch together a complete map which you can view at this link.

The map also reveals a new strike, the Raid and two landing zones.

Finally, we were given a taste of the first season in Shadowkeep, Season of the Undying. As teased in recent months, the Vex will begin invading the various destinations in Destiny 2.

The season kicks off on the same day Shadowkeep launches – 1st October – and there will no doubt be quests, gear and more to chase once you’ve explored the Moon.