Opensignal has published its insights into the South African mobile network landscape in its South African Mobile Network Experience Report.

The report looks at various aspects of the mobile broadband sector and ranks mobile network operators according to these aspects. Opensignal looks at a variety of factors including 4G coverage, download and upload speed and Video Experience.

On that last factor, MTN and Vodacom come out tops and more than that, the experience for customers on those networks is just getting better.

“The increase in MTN and Vodacom’s Video Experience scores means the two operators are on the cusp of Very Good (65-75) ratings in this metric — with our users on their networks enjoying fast loading video times and almost non-existent stalling, even at higher resolutions. By comparison, Cell C’s score earned it a Good rating (55-65), while Telkom remains in Fair (40-55) territory — meaning our users watching video on Telkom’s network in particular will likely struggle with longer load times and frequent stuttering, even at lower resolutions,” explains Opensignal.

However, when looking solely at the video experience as relates to 4G Cell C is doing rather well with a score of 65.9 out of a possible 100.

In terms of 4G coverage, MTN is top of the pops again. The network boasts 83.6 percent coverage across South Africa. Just behind it is Telkom with 79.5 percent coverage and Cell C and Vodacom are jockeying for third place with 78.3 percent and 78.6 percent respectively.

As relates to download speed, MTN and Vodacom are head to head in that respect as well. Average download speeds on MTN clock in at 18.6Mbps while Vodacom boasts an average of 19.3 percent.

Telkom has a miserable average of 11.2Mbps while Cell C is scrapping the bottom with terrible 10.7Mbps average.

Vodacom’s network also has the lowest latency in the land. The network operator has an average latency of 36.1ms with MTN in second offering 38.3ms latency. Once again Cell C and Telkom bring up the rear with 48.8ms and 45.5ms average latency.

While this is just data from one organisation, Opensignal analyses 259 426 348 data points from 105 883 devices so this should give you a good idea of which network you should opt for.

Of course cost also plays a factor so we advise our readers to use this information along with other data before settling on a network.

You can read more about the South Africa Mobile Network Experience here.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]