A few more details for Disney+ have surfaced this week, with the house of mouse confirming launch dates and countries, as well as which devices will be able to stream content from the platform later this year.

It will be available in the United States on 12th November for $6.99 a month or $69.99 annually, with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands also following during that month. Disney adds that other key markets will have access to Disney+ within the next two years, but which countries are deemed key is unclear.

As such it remains to be seen if South Africans will have access to the platform, but seeing as how SA has been an early release region for Marvel films, we’re optimistic that it will be.

“Disney+ will launch in Canada and the Netherlands in tandem with the US on November 12th, priced at $8.99CAD per month (or $89.99 per year) and €6.99 per month (or €69.99 per year), respectively,” the company explained in a press release.

“The following week, Disney+ will launch in Australia and New Zealand on November 19th, priced at $8.99AUD per month (or $89.99 per year) and $9.99NZD per month (or $99.99 per year), respectively,” it adds.

As for the devices, the firm has listed the following which will be ready to stream on at launch in November:

  • Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV, and fully integrated with the Apple TV app; customers can subscribe to Disney+ via in-app purchase)
  • Google (Android phones, Android TV devices, Google Chromecast and Chromecast built-in devices)
  • Microsoft (Xbox One)
  • Sony / Sony Interactive Entertainment (all Android based Sony TVs and PlayStation 4)
  • Roku (Roku streaming players and Roku TV models)

With Disney featuring a highly coveted catalogue of content, which now includes plenty of Marvel assets, not to mention the forthcoming original and exclusive shows that Marvel Studios has on the way, Disney+ is certainly an interesting newcomer on the streaming scene.