GOG is unique in the online storefront world thanks to its community wishlist where users can add and vote on wishes – these being games, movies, features and more that people would like to see added to the platform.

Recently GOG has passed a milestone with the community wishlist system as 2 million votes have been fulfilled in the more than 10 years that the service has been going for.

To mark the occasion a sale is currently going on appropriately titled “Games Come True Sale” which features more than 250 items you can grab at a discount.

The stars of the show here are, of course, games that were added to GOG at the behest of the community by way of the community wishlist. Diablo + Hellfire at 10 percentGrim Fandango Remastered at 75 percent off and Warcraft I & II Bundle also at 10 percent are just some of the games on sale that fall into this category.

Some big games that weren’t added to GOG through the wishlist are also on sale, such as the recently updated No Man’s Sky which is currently 50 percent off.

The Games Come True Sale is on right now and will continue until 26th August.

If you’re already stocked up on stuff to play you may be interested in what the community wishlist looks like right now and what could be coming to GOG in the future.

The default overview of the list (shown below) presents the list by most votes in the past week.

There are, of course, some poplar jokes on there like “don’t get bought by EA” but much of it is solid feedback and requests we’d like to see implemented. If you feel the same make sure you log in and leave your votes where you deem appropriate.