How does competition Pokémon, satellites and a shooter mix together? Well not much normally, but in the africast it does.

Recently finished, this year’s Pokémon World Championships have decided who is the best on the planet at the various aspects of the games in the Pokémon pantheon. We discuss what it takes to get to this prestigious event from grassroots leagues right up to livestreamed play with cash prizes.

Next up is research firm Gartner who has commented on three technologies that will have sway on business in Africa over the next decade. We focus primarily on one of them –  low-Earth orbit satellites because, come on, that’s the most exciting.

Finally, it’s time for Destiny 2. A lot has been happening with the game lately and a lot more is going to happen in the future as it makes the jump to Steam and a free version becomes available finally allowing for new players to try it out without any initial investment.

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