If you’ve been on the internet long enough the Llamas with Hats series of videos is probably burned into your mind for better and for worse. With a few years separating us from the last instalment in the series, we finally have a new addition, in the form of a physical book for children.

Yes YouTube channel FilmCow that brought us Llamas with Hats as well as Charlie the Unicorn and various other classics has provided us with a rare upload on the channel, embedded below.

Llamas with Hats: Babies is a book you can buy right now through Etsy for $12. Each book is 48 pages, full colour, and paperback. They’re being sold through Etsy as the book are being printed as they are ordered. Each of these books is also signed by FilmCow creator Jason Steele and comes with a knockoff Pokémon card.

“The Llamas with Hats are back… as babies! The mischievous Carl and the long-suffering Paul return with little baby hooves and big baby diapers,” the Etsy listing reads, “There is no telling what sort of fiendish antics might happen in this, their smallest adventure yet!”

At this point we’re not entirely sure if this is a legitimate children’s book, a spoof intended for adults, or something in between like the infamous Go the F*ck to Sleep, as read by Samuel L. Jackson.

Given the nature of the FilmCow library any of those options seem possible, but we’re banking on the first few pages being cute and safe before someone gets decapitated or something like that.

Regardless the book is available to buy right now and it looks like worldwide shipping is available, so you can see for yourself if you have some money to burn.

Those not wanting to buy from Etsy can wait a while as the book will be made available on Amazon “soon”. The videos implies, however, that only the Etsy versions will be signed by Steele.