Fortnite continues to try to crossover with every intellectual property in the world today with the announcement of the Fortnite X Mayhem event which is tied into the Borderlands universe.

V10.20 of Fortnite introduces the crossover along with other changes outlined here. The event is live right now and will run until 10th September, which is just three days before Borderlands 3 is released.

Players will be able to cross into the “Pandora Rift Zone” to take part in themed challenges for rewards, all of which is free. Those looking to spend money can pick up the Psycho Bundle from the game’s store which unlocks the titular Psycho as a skin, a Claptrap backpack (yes we know it’s technically called a “back bling”) and pick axe that looks appropriate for the setting.

You can see the trio in the header image above.

Another bundle – called Welcome to Pandora Challenge – is also available, similarly packed with skins and sprays. This is what it looks like.

In the Creative mode of Fortnite players will also be able to build their own Pandora using new Prefabs, so you can get started on your own version of Borderlands 3 before it launches.

If you don’t have time to jump into the game right now, or you never really had any intention to, you can read more about it from either Epic themselves or Gearbox, both of which have short blog posts talking about the event.

It is worth noting that buying any version of Borderlands 3 will get you the Psycho Bundle for free, as long as you’re buying the game using the same Epic account that you play Fortnite on. This offer applies all the way until 31st December 2020 according to the Gearbox blog linked above.

While we do like both of these games and we’re actually really excited about Borderlands 3, they do share that same obnoxious energy that makes this kind of crossover work. That headline isn’t meant to be derisive, it’s just that both games have built a reputation on being loud and a bit petulant.

Fortnite can now add Borderlands to its crossover list which includes the Avengers, John Wick, the NFL, Jordan Brand and Stranger Things.