YouTuber jacksfilms had a 2019 New Year’s Resolution that he’s stuck to now that we’re all the way into August. It wasn’t any of the boring, samey ones like going to the gym, it was to annoy users on social media by tweeting out the phrase “Twitter for Android” every single day of the year.

Okay, so this needs a bit of an explanation. jacksfilms – real name Jack Douglass – is best known for comedy and has been a staple on the platform for more than a decade, never missing a chance for a forced joke.

And the opportunity for one presented itself when he noticed a vocal minority of his follows on twitter complaining every time he made a tweet. It was never the content of the tweets themselves, but rather the small hyperlink below them.

The Twitter app displays the platform the tweet was sent from, including the official mobile apps. In America, where Android phones are less common and iPhones are generally viewed as being superior (however incorrect that may be) the tag “Twitter for Android” that would accompany tweets from non-Apple phones would come to be a badge of mockery for a small group of petulant users.

Instead of ignoring them, jacksfilms decided to lean fully into it and tease them for every single damn day of 2019. He did this not just by tweeting, but by tweeting the phrase “Twitter for Android” each and every day.

To accompany the text, he would also screenshot the last tweet and include it as an image.

And so this went on for months. When June was over he completed a full six months of the gag but something was changing as the phrase tweeted out every day was no longer the same. This is the most recent tweet, and you can see some of the others by way of the screenshot until compression makes them too blurry:

Many people wanted to know why the joke had seemingly been abandoned, with many speculating that it had simply evolved into something else.

Well the latter party was correct as that much as been confirmed by way of a new video.

In “Twitter for Android EXPLAINED! (JackAsk #95)” it is explained that all the way back in February the screenshots began to look the same, which defeated the purpose intended to see what it would look like after a year of putting work into the joke.

Instead, by putting the images into a sequence, a flip book effect could be achieved, so that became the new plan, with each frame intended to be a new day.

This is why each new day is a new phrase, and the music video, entitled “Twitter for Android”, should be available come 1st January 2020.

We know this is a bit silly but we have to commend anyone willing to put that much work into anything, especially a joke.

In 2018 we featured South African maker  Tom Van den Bon after he successfully completed a new 3D print for every day of 2017. A bit more work than a tweet and a screenshot, but without the satisfaction of irritating people online for having the audacity to use an Android.