In the last few hours new details and trailers for the upcoming mobile game Mario Kart Tour have been released, but we want to start with a a tiny segment in the “RACE AROUND THE WORLD” video embedded below.

A kid randomly pops into frame with a thumbs up and the “person” playing the game doesn’t even acknowledge him. The weird combination of the kid, the weird CGI hand and whispered “yes” gave us a good laugh for some reason as we imagine Nintendo advertising this game as some way to avoid your kids.

We know that’s not the intention here, but unintentional comedy is sometimes the best. Also: you know we’ve whipped out the phone at family functions to avoid the kids running around, so we’re not even suggesting that the un-implied message here is incorrect.

That aside we finally get to see more of the game between this and the more tame “Mario Kart Tour – Trailer” which replaces the hands playing the game and the world hopping backgrounds with simple gameplay and a white pillarboxes.

Between the two we see some rather standard Mario Kart gameplay, albeit with some courses set in our world true to the Tour part of the title as karts race under the Eiffel Tower.

These trailers also come with a release date for the app of 25th September, so we’ll be able to give this new mobile Nintendo game a spin in just under a month.

If you need more of it in your life before then, you can click around the dedicated website which has links to pre-register for it on Android and iOS.