Facebook, which owns Instagram, is working on a new messaging app for the popular photo sharing platform called Threads.

This according to a report from The Verge, with the site getting a chance to see a preview of the application despite Instagram failing to officially comment on its development. With Facebook “emulating” a number of Snapchat features in the past, the creation of a companion app is not surprising, although Facebook Messenger would seem like a more natural integration in our view.

The publication adds that Threads is currently being tested out internally by a select number of staff at Facebook, with the messaging service limited to those contacts found in an Instagram user’s Close Friends list.

The app itself reportedly allows you to share specific information with Close Friends, such as your location, speed and battery life, The Verge explains, along with the usual instant messaging features one can expect from such an app.

Threads is also seen as a replacement for the Direct standalone app that Instagram was working on, but subsequently chose to end in May this year. The reason for the cancelling of the project comes as test users did not enjoy switching between two separate apps that were designed to work in conjunction with one another.

How the interface has been made more seamless with Instagram and Threads, remains to be seen.

It’s also unclear whether Facebook has plans to launch Threads anytime soon, or indeed ever, with the firm killing Direct before it debuted for the general public. Nevertheless there could be something on the horizon for Instagram users in the not too distant future.

[Image – Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash] [Source – The Verge]