It looks like the fast food industry is ready to embrace the advent of plant-based meat substitutes. We’ve already seen the likes of Impossible Foods get its bleeding plant-based product into high-end restaurants, and more recently Burger King with the Impossible Whopper, and now it’s the turn of Beyond Meat.

The plant-based company recently announced a collaboration with KFC where some plant-based chicken substitutes were added to the menu in one location in Atlanta. Said franchise ran a test with the new plant-based KFC, with it selling out in less than five hours, according to the company.

It should be noted that this test was only at one franchise, with nuggets and boneless wings on offer, but nevertheless there is at least an interest in the plant-based alternatives.

What is more interesting to find out though, is whether this is simply a case of curiosity, or whether there is a genuine desire to eat plant-based alternatives.

To that end KFC informed Engadget that it plans to analyse the data from the test to decide what next step it plans to take, which at this stage includes rollouts to other test locations, as well as a fully fledged launch of the plant-based products.

As such it still remains to be seen if Beyond Fried Chicken as they call it, will be embraced by the masses, but regardless it shows that there are opportunities to create plant-based fast food products that extend further than simply feigning beef and burgers.

With Beyond Meat burger patties available at a handful of local establishments like Lexi’s Healthy Eatery in Rosebank, it does look as if the plant-based craze is gaining a bit of traction in South Africa.

Whether Burger King and KFC will introduce such products to South Africans though is another question altogether.