One of our favourite pieces of television over the last few years has been Mr. Robot.

Sadly, the series will begin the run of its final season on 6th October according to the network behind it, USA Network.

We will be glossing over details from previous seasons from here on out so our advice is to watch the trailer below or head out if you want to avoid spoilers.

From that trailer punctuated with the most haunting rendition of Silent Night we’ve yet to hear, the world is still clearly reeling from the Five-Nine hack that pushed the global financial system into turmoil.

It is however Christmas and we are given the distinct impression that things are about to get a lot more chaotic for Elliot and Mr. Robot, well, more chaotic than they have been.

What we’re curious to see is whether the pair can work together for once or if Mr. Robot is simply keeping Elliot in the dark as he always did for one last twist.

For those that haven’t watched Mr. Robot we highly recommend it. Not only is the hacking the most realistic you will likely ever see, the story that has been woven by Sam Esmail is probably the best thing we’ve seen since Breaking Bad, and in some instances, it’s better.

If you are looking to catch up on Mr. Robot you are in luck, kind of. Showmax has seasons one through three available to stream but the series appears to be leaving the platform on 30th September.

There is no word on whether Showmax will be airing the final season of Mr. Robot as it did with season three but as soon as we find out we’ll be sure to share that information.